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Marketing – process by which companies determine what products and services may be of interest to costumers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development.

Psychology – science that studies mental and behavioral processes of human beings.

When we look to these two (simplified) definitions it isn’t hard to see how Marketing and Psychology are, or should be, intertwined. If you’re in the business of understanding people so that you can sell them something, you should search for information about how people behave and think. Marketers can, and should, learn a lot from psychologists, while these can also benefit of studying marketing as an applied approach to psychological functions and problems.

Despite the seemingly obvious link between the two disciplines, there’s still a wide gap between practitioners of both. Marketing is more akin to management and economics, focusing more on the process than on the targets of its actions. From the Psychology side there seems to be a certain reluctance in applying the field knowledge to something so “mundane” as selling and promoting products; applying psychology discoveries to marketing efforts is seen as “selling out”.

The aim of this blog is to try to bridge that gap, applying psychology to marketing or interpreting marketing processes at the light of psychological knowledge. Being this its main goal, other subjects will be addressed in this blog, namely the new field of behavioral economics that already does some of the work of bringing Psychology, Marketing and Economics together. What you’ll find on this blog are posts on psychological findings that can be applied to marketing and other disciplines (economics, politics, human resources…), comments on new research and daily events, some book reviews and some personal rants.

The name of the blog has a double meaning (a pretty obvious one): it can be read as “Mind the Consumer” in a call to marketers to start taking notice of the persons who buy their products, or/and can be read as it’s written “Mind, the Consumer” portraying the fact that it’s the consumer’s mind that really should be target in marketing efforts.

Hope you enjoy!