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Listening to some marketers, and watching some campaigns, one may have the impression that consumers aren’t interesting enough to be paid attention to. I think this is the biggest problem with marketing nowadays: consumers are constantly overlooked in marketing campaigns!

Sure, they do market research and define their “target” audience. They know that their prototypical costumer is a 25-34 years old male, with a college degree living in a large city. They also know that this ideal costumer likes sports and enjoys clubbing with its friends on weekend nights…

This is all useful information but demographical and psychographical information about your audience isn’t enough. To be sucessful you have to really understand them and the way they relate to your product. What are their attitudes towards your product and/or brand or about the need that your product is trying to fill? What are their motivations? Is your product only choose because it’s the cheapest in store?

Market research needs to go deeper and marketers need to invest more time in knowing their costumers. It’s not enough to devise a good promotion campaing if it’s targeted to the wrong audience or if the words used in it don’t relate with your actual costumers.