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Photo by @sanberdoo

Breasts are human magnets! Wether you’re a man or a woman, a good cleavage (like the one on the picture) is sure to draw your attention to it and fix you’re gazed look and your imagination – specially in the male case – wonder off. The power that breasts have, or purvey, is quite remarkable and you can see it everyday in our personal life, in the way products are advertised or even in social and political events. Breasts can shape our choices and even World’s history, or at least part of it.

Christopher Ryan has an interesting post at Sex at Dawn, a blog associated with Psychology Today, about the power of the breast have on human behaviour on an evolutionary perspective. Here’s an excerpt:

Considering its almost total lack of muscle tissue, the female breast wields amazing power. Curvaceous women have leveraged this power to manipulate even the most accomplished, disciplined men for as long as anyone’s been around to notice. Empires have fallen, wills have been revised, millions of magazines and calendars sold, Super Bowl audiences scandalized . . . all in response to the mysterious force emanating from what are, after all, small bags of fat.

You can read the entire post here.