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It has been proved: the first things that men look in a woman are her breasts! Not only they are the first thing men notice, but also the part of the female body they tend to focus their attention longest. Next in line are the waist and hips, and only then the face.

There are two possible explanations for this according to the team behind the research (from University of Wellington in New Zealand): 1) large breasts and slim waists are usually a sign of greater fertility; 2) breasts are aesthetically pleasant. Personally I think both are true.

This finding plays well with others I’ve already mentioned here. We’ve already seen that breasts are very powerful human attention magnets, that a bigger bosom size helps a woman to get a ride, and that men can judge woman suitability as a partner with just a glance.

You can read more about the fact that breast are the first thing men notice here.